Veteran Affairs

Although Ron is not a veteran, he served as a member of the Veterans Caucus in order to help on veterans’ issues. This is a huge concern to the many veterans who live in District 30. Ron co-sponsored each year a bill that would increase the Subtraction Modification Under the State Income Tax for Military Retirement Income from $5,000 to $10,000 of military retirement income received. Currently, Maryland unfairly over-taxes military retirement income. Our veterans return home to find they must consider living elsewhere when they retire. However, house leadership consistently stalled the bill in committee. He also made sure two acres of land at the Crownsville Hospital site would be reserved for the Veterans of Foreign Wars for a center that would include fellowship, job and retirement seminars, and professional counseling services for all veterans. The Crownsville sight is dead center in the state making it more accessible than Bethesda for many veterans. He had a 100% voting record for our veterans.

Maryland Republican Party