Crime and Public Safety

Ron co-sponsored legislation such as Jessica’s Law to keep child predators away from our youth. He was the lead sponsor of legislation to create Drug Free Zones around Annapolis’ Community Recreational Centers. The bill had increased penalties and led to our Safe Streets Program. Ron fought for years to stop the State Police Barracks from closing and moving out of Annapolis, something Governor Hogan has won by executive order in 2016. When Ron discovered that the Maryland Pension System was unwittingly investing in foreign companies that sponsored terrorism, he introduced one of the first Divest Terror Bills in the nation, thus Divest Terror became a reality in 2008. He was the lead sponsor and built a bi-partisan coalition for ending the practice of giving those here illegally a Maryland Driver’s License (Proof of Lawful Presence Act). We were the only state east of the Rockies to give driver’s licenses to those unlawfully present. Ron’s work eased a large influx of illegal immigrants, MS13 gang members, and others that were migrating here in order to obtain that first piece of identification. This put a large burden on our classrooms, courts, and emergency rooms. It also and brought with it an increase in crime. In 2009 there were large lines around all MVA locations, several times around the buildings. Ron’s leadership stopped the enormous influx that Maryland infrastructure could not handle. Ron also co-sponsored a bill signed into Law that has helped in the prosecution of gang crimes.

Maryland Republican Party